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About Dasha Marie

In memory of Grand Master of Pranic Healing Dr George Dangel

Dasha Marie’s first introduction into spirituality began at an early age through her grandmother and her Tarot cards. As a child, Dasha Marie was sensitive and very intuitive, experiencing astral travel and visions. Her interest in metaphysics grew even stronger after her near death experience followed up by inexplicable encounters with spirits. Her curiosity for answers to the mysteries of life and death lead her to explore Esoterica, Catholicism, Buddhism and Shamanism, to name but a few.

Dasha Marie is sincere and reverent toward Mother Earth. She honors the beauty and power of nature. She is deeply connected to a Bohemian ancestry of healers and lightworkers. She is well known for her compassionate heart, spirituality and clairvoyance. Today she is a professional Psychic Medium, Medical Intuitive, and a Facilitator of workshops on intuitive metaphysical development and mindfulness in Brisbane and overseas.

Dasha Marie’s connection to spirit projects into her love for music, dance and yoga. She is a dedicated yogi and a passionate yoga teacher. Her sense of humor and caring spirit brings lightness into her classes, and comfort and ease into her readings creating a safe space for people to reconnect.